Reconstruction of artificial runway surfaces of the «Tunoshna» airport in Yaroslavl

    Services for the development of the passport of the investment project, the rationale for economic feasibility, as well as the integrated assessment of the effectiveness of the use of federal budget funds for the project for the reconstruction of artificial runway of the airport "Tunoshna" in Yaroslavl for the State Bank "Investment and Cluster Development Agency".

    Reconstruction and operation of the objects of the airfield "Perm (Bolshoye Savino)"

    Services for the integrated support of a private concession initiative for the reconstruction and operation of the Perm airport (Bolshoy Savino) airport facilities for JSC “International Airport Perm”, including the development of a financial model, a draft concession agreement and proposals for a concession agreement.

    Reconstruction of the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade (Serbia)

    Services for the preparation of the financial part of the application for participation in the tender for concession agreement regarding the reconstruction of the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade (Serbia) for LLC NOVAPORT INVEST.